IFTA Tax Filing

IFTA is a cooperative agreement among the Canadian provinces and most American states to make it easier for interjurisdictional carriers to report and pay taxes on the motor fuels they use.The agreement allows registered interjurisdictional carriers to get one licence, issued by their base jurisdiction, to report and pay motor fuel taxes to a single jurisdiction.

We understand that missing the filing deadline for your return can prove costly for your company. Paramount Supply Chain Solutions adheres strictly to IFTA agreement and makes sure you comply and pay required taxes on time and in right manner. Our experienced supply chain experts will look for important errors in your miles and fuel usage to get your return accurate and in on time. Our fuel tax reporting service helps you avoid unnecessary penalties and optimize your returns. We help you stay prepared for any IFTA Audit’s that may arise and are always available to assist & represent you when required.

We offer Monthly and Quarterly tax reporting for the following:

  • IFTA Tax Reporting
  • New York Highway Use Tax
  • Kentucky (KYU) Tax
  • New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
  • Oregon Highway Use Tax

At Paramount Supply Chain Solutions, WE:

  • REGISTER Accounts
  • ENTER Receipts
  • EXAMINE Mileage
  • REPORT Accuracy
  • VERIFY Receipts
  • Notify Discrepancies
  • GENERATE Reports
  • FILE Taxes
  • ADVISE Purchase Strategy
  • APPLY for ongoing fuel tax credits and refunds (as required)
  • MAINTAIN record-keeping requirements

At Paramount Supply Chain Solutions, WE:

Delinquent & Suspended IFTA & Highway Use Tax Accounts and Annual & Supplement Federal Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290

We can help you to file IFTA Returns. Contact us for more information.