Traffic Tickets (Canada & USA)

At Paramount Supply Chain Solutions we provide licensed representation in the US and Canada for all Violations occured on the road. As your Safety Experts, we make sure your tickets are contested and resolved in a productive manner accordingly to keep your organizations safety ratings at a satisfactory level.

Please keep in mind a guilty plea in traffic violations can take you off road, Convictions leading to charges are the main factor in increasing a carrier’s violation rate, and insurance premiums. Most traffic tickets and summons include not just the fine, but demerit points, CVOR Points and some with a license suspension and even possibility of jail time.

Violations that occur can prove costly and problematic for both professional drivers and carriers as both their personal driving record and company CVOR are simultaneously impacted.

The accumulation of traffic tickets can result in the following:

  • Insurance premiums increased
  • Safety Rating of the Organization
    • Warning letters
    • Interviews and/or Sanctions from (DOT or MTO)
    • Audits from (DOT or MTO)

Benefits of using our Professional Paralegal Services in U.S & Canada:

Our team of Professionals & Legal Representatives take care of you tickets by challenging them on your behalf and keeping them away from your records in Canada & the US. We make sure that a proper course of action is taken in a productive and timely manner to give you the results you need.

Violations can limit your organization in many ways such as your operation, growth and your Safety Rating being on a steady decline. These factors all tied in together can make your organization visible on the radar for Audits, interviews, and sanctions by regulating bodies of the government and the insurance industry. We work closely with your team to bring you back on track with Safety Regulations. We provide custom tailored solutions that work for your organization and increase productivity across the board, so you can focus on more important matters that will enable your business to prosper and grow

In fact all tickets, issue & violations that occur can not be withdrawn. However, Tickets can be “professionally managed” to reduce and/or limit the amount of points going to record. We provide full support and consultations to all Individual Driver’s ,Owner Operators and Carriers Call us today @ 905-671-2777 for a free consultation , and let our team of professionals and legal representatives guide you to a better future.